Top 5 Best Smelling Mens’ Cologne


A good smelling cologne is something every man should have; however, good cologne is very hard to come buy, and sometimes very pricey. But even before you focus on picking a great smelling cologne, you should know a few things about picking a cologne that is compatible with your personality.

One of the things that annoys me is when a guy wears cologne that doesn’t match his personality or style. As a guy obviously, it’s not like I can sense when another guy’s cologne doesn’t match, but I definitely can tell by the way he carries himself, if he should or shouldn’t be wearing a certain type of cologne. There are two main things to keep in mind when picking out a cologne…

1. Your Personality (Confident, Quiet, Funny, Serious, Cynical, Highbrow, Laid Back, etc…)

2. Your Style (Casual, Preppy, Black Tie, Classic, Artsy, Hardcore, Vintage, etc…)

Your Personality: Try to be reasonable with this. By reasonable I mean, sometimes us guys see ourselves differently than others see us. Generally, your personality is what others see it to be, and not what you think it is. This is why I ask female friends of mine to suggest what colognes I should wear. I am a quiet, preppy, serious, highbrow type of guy. Because of this, most of my colognes are subtle (quiet) and sophisticated/clean (preppy/serious), and have an edge (highbrow). Whereas, one of my friends who is cocky, sociable, and casual would probably pick something bold/loud (cocky), natural smelling (sociable), and modern (casual).

Now, if you’re going to let a female pick out your cologne, consider giving them a finite amount of colognes to choose from. So before-hand, pick 3 colognes that match your personality, and then let them choose one, out of that three. If you don’t, you’re bound to come across a female that picks what she’s attracted to, or what doesn’t fit your budget, despite whether or not it matches your personality, style, or budget.

Your Style: Style is KING! Seriously. A select few people throughout the day get to witness your personality, but EVERYONE sees your style. If you have a vintage style, meaning you rock leather jackets, vintage tees, slim fit stone washed jeans, and the Robert Pattinson due, you shouldn’t be wearing something loud and exotic. 

Now that we have that out of the way, I have to say that some of the best smelling colognes are as listed…

1. Dolce Gabanna “Light Blue” Por Homme (for men)

2. Mary Kay “Domain” for men

3. Burberry “London” for men

4. Calvin Klein “Shock” for men

5. Georgio Armani “Acqua Di Gio” for men


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